Creativity has been a part of me all my life and photography the most dominant expression. I look for the unique and specific in the world around me finding design in the snow-covered park bench and in the buildings of New York City where I spent my adult life.

I have found creativity in my academic life by connecting with visual arts and building photographic skills and in my career through working with words and artists to create curriculum materials for young people. A philosophy professor in graduate school opened my eyes to connections with art and education and learning styles.

Photo by Fran

“The arts, it has been said, cannot change the world,

but they may change human beings who might change the world.” 

~ Maxine Greene

American educational philosopher, author, social activist and teacher

My photographic journey began as a child with the gift of a Brownie camera from my father who shared his love of photography. I used a Minolta camera back in the days of film, and switched to digital photography in the 2000s with an Olympus 550 SW and Nikon Coolmax and now my iPhone 11Pro Max.

Making photographs connects memorable images of my experiences and I have shared images in the following galleries.

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art Employee Art Show (while working in the Gift Shop);
  • The Guild of Creative Art, Shrewsbury, NJ
  • The Art Alliance of Monmouth County; 
  • The Gallery at The Atrium at Navesink Harbor, Red Bank, NJ now my home

I hope my images inspire you to look more deeply around you and think about the natural environment we all share . . . human and wildlife . . . and commit to a better world for all.